Our Sponsors

GO Ministries

Our mission is to live in holiness and to reach out with the Good News of God’s grace and love to make more and better disciples of Christ among the nations and especially Muslims. 

Horizons International

Horizons exists to communicate and demonstrate the love of Jesus so that the world, particularly the Muslim world, would be transformed by God's love and forgiveness, by: Proclaiming the Gospel, Discipling the Nations, and Equipping the Church

Hope for the Nations

Hope for the Nations is a missions mobilizing ministry under the direction of Rev. Barbara Yandell.  Hope for the Nations exists to: mobilize the Evangelical church for missions and evangelism to Muslim people through the Engage Course, Engaging Islam training and  Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.  


Equipping the Church to Love Muslims - The training arm of Horizons International, Engaging Islam provides multiple training programs throughout the year to help equip the church to reach the muslim world for Christ. These programs include: Engaging Islam Intensives, The Engage Course, Cubs to Lions and the Legacy Conference. 


Horizons International's resource for all mission workers. The Biblical Missiology website presents a positive approach to missions and challenges practices that do not honor God. Biblical Missiology also leads a global collaborative partnership of Christian leaders, converts from Islam, national church leaders, missionaries, and theologians that is developing a contemporary, biblical missiology.