Conference Schedule

Plenary Speakers


  • Jay Smith, Confronting the Spirit of the Age Concerning the Qur'an and the Origins of Islam
  • Georges Houssney, Resisting the Spirit of the Age: Our Differences Make a Difference
  • John Span, Tampering with the Gospel by Listening to the Whispers of the Spirit of the Age.

Note:  This session is available to Legacy conference attendees as part of their Legacy Conference registration.


  • Plenary #1 John Span, Isaiah 65:3 “ A people who continually provoke me to my face, offering sacrifices in gardens and burning incense on altars of brick.” – This session will address Muslims who believe that "right guidance" is enough for people who are not really so sick. Together we will explore how to convey the hard but truly liberating truth that only Jesus saves sinners.
  • Plenary #2 Nabeel Qureshi, Isaiah 65:1b “ I was found by those who did not seek me” - One former Muslim’s witness to how God "found him" and is finding other Muslims
  • Plenary #3 Jay Smith, Isaiah 65:2 “All day long I have held out my hands to an obstinate people, who walk in ways not good, pursuing their own imaginations” – Tearing down walls of unbelief and untruth to communicate God’s truth to Muslims
  • Plenary #4 Abdu Murray, Isaiah 65: 1a “ I revealed myself to those who did not ask for me. -God’s Greatness compared and contrasted in Islam and Christianity
  • Plenary #5 Georges Houssney, Salvation Revealed to Muslim Peoples – Where and how is God saving Muslim peoples?  Where and how will he send you?

Additional Events

Jay Smith and Edip YUskel Debate: "Is the Qur'an from god or man?

ABN/Trinity Channel have partnered with Horizons International to offer an excellent debate opportunity between world leading Apologist among the Muslims, Jay Smith ( plenary speaker at Legacy 2016) and Edip Yuksel, one of the prime figures in the modern Islamic reform and Quranism movements. 

  • **Those attending Legacy will have the unique opportunity to join this live event!**
  • When?: Wednesday June 22nd 3:30pm-5:30pm
  • Where?: Same as Legacy Conference.

Saturday Event: One more thing

There will be a complementary time for Legacy Registrants to get coffee and converse with some of the speakers on Saturday morning. Often at a weighty conference like Legacy, attendees express the need to process what they learned and to have some personal time with the speakers.  This Saturday event will be a casual time to ask that last question or have a Legacy speaker expound on a previous subject or one that did not get covered. (Some speakers will have already departed but most will be there)

  • When: Saturday Morning  9:00-10:30am
  • Where:  Same as Legacy location.