Statement of Faith

Zwemer Conference 2006

Working Statement of Ideals

  1. It is the nature of God to have a great passion for revealing his glory in all the world’s nations, especially among the hardest to reach and the most neglected people groups (Hab. 2.14, Ps 67, Rev. 7.9).  Muslims represent one of the world’s 
  2. largest blocs of such peoples in the world.
  3. The Bible’s Great Commission (Matt. 28.18-20) is also a Cultural Mandate that requires Christians to reach all people groups with the Gospel, including Muslim peoples.
  4. Acts 17.26-27 states that God is divinely responsible for the migration and boundaries of all peoples throughout the world.  He causes this so that they will seek him and grope for him.  Today Muslim peoples are among the world’s most widespread and fast-growing, even in the West.
  5. For 14 centuries Muslims remained mostly insulated in Muslim lands and shunned by genuine Christians.  Today many are living in the West and are accessible by Christians who could love them and share the gospel with them.  This is part of the Acts 17 reality. The extent to which Muslims in the West pose a threat to American culture and security is correlated to the extent that true believers influence and evangelize them, or fail to do so.
  6. Islam is one of the enemy’s primary strongholds in the world; to evangelize Muslims in America is an unprecedented opportunity to confront and compromise this stronghold.
  7. Seen in the proper perspective, it is secularism that poses the greatest threat to Christianity in America; not Islam.  But Islam is the religious handmaiden to secularism and can ony advance alongside the other.  Therefore, to evangelize Muslims is also to confront the rising tide of the secularism.  (American Christians should be much more concerned about secularization than the spread of Islam per se).
  8. God is visibly advancing his church among Muslims throughout the world.  A great harvest of Muslim converts is mounting as Christian resources are invested.  For the sake of God’s passion for his glory, we should be about his business of evangelizing Muslims.

Authored by Scott Cherry, Advance Ministries, Dearborn, MI.