Pat Schatzline

Pat Schatzline is one of America’s leading communicators, and evangelists to students, and adults. Pat and his wife Karen co-founded Mercy Seat Ministries in 1997. Pat has ministered to over 2 million people as he has traveled the globe ministering God’s love and power at churches, conferences, camps, retreats, and universities. Pat is the keynote speaker at some of the largest youth conferences in the world. He is known for his crazy humor, unique ability to communicate God’s word with passion and illustrations, and most of all for his deep desire to see a generation of adults and youth experience the power of God and God’s amazing love.

Pat has authored and also contributed to many articles and books. Pat is known as a father and mentor of many of America’s top leaders. Pat and Karen founded the Forerunner School of Ministry in 2001. Since the initial launch of The Forerunner School of Ministry they have helped to launch many more sites. Through the school of ministry they have launched hundreds into full time ministry. On a weekly basis, hundreds listen to Pat’s podcast. He has served on many national boards across America and has been featured on Christian television such as TBN, JCTV, and Daystar TV Network. Pat has also written articles magazines and newspapers. He recently launched his new award-winning book through Charisma Media in January of 2013 called, “Why is God so mad at Me?” The book deals directly with a generation’s lost perspective on the character and love of God. The book fervently declares, “God is not mad at you, but He is mad about you!” Family Christian Stores, Lifeway, Barnes and Noble, and many other mainstream retailers spotlighted the book. In February of 2013, his book was awarded the “National Critics Choice” award.

Pat and Karen recently established Legacy Conferences (www.Legacyconferences.org). This is a conference dedicated to the young in ministry to help them establish a foundation for a life of ministry. They also recently co-founded the “Mercy Seat Evangelist” web site at www.mercyseatevangelists.com.  This site is dedicated to the launching of young evangelists across the world.

Pat and Karen Schatzline have been married since 1990. They have two awesome kids named Nate and Abby. Their daughter, Abby is in elementary school and was adopted from China by the Schatzline family in October of 2003. Their son, Nate, is a former college football athlete who now serves as a youth pastor at Trinity Church in Dallas. Nate got married in June of 2012 to his wife, Adrienne.  Along with traveling the world as evangelists, the Schatzline family simply loves to hang out and have fun as a family! They enjoy playing games, working out, playing sports, and watching cool movies. They believe they are called to be Forerunners for Jesus and believe in living by faith and watching God do miracles. They believe the ministry has got to be fun! Their home and offices are currently located in Birmingham, Alabama




Karen Schatzline

Karen Schatzline is one of America’s premier speakers to people of all ages. She is the co-founder of Mercy Seat Ministries and The Forerunner Schools of Ministry. Through both of these ministries Karen has raised up and launched Christian disciples across the world. Karen not only travels on her own doing ministry, but also with Evangelist Pat Schatzline her husband of 22 years. Karen has appeared on nationally televised broadcasts such as the Daystar Network.

With a passion to teach men and woman of all ages purpose, wisdom and freedom Karen leads with a heart of transformation. God has used her in church services, camps, conferences and retreats to be a voice of freedom. She ministers with passion, purity, purpose, and meekness. She is known best by messages such as: “Conversations with the King,” “Confessions of a Shopaholic,” “Catching the Glimpse of the Father,” and “Issues, Yet I Live.”  Her messages restore lives to intimacy with the father and she is known for using humor, straight talk and relative topics to get her message out.  Her services are always touched with the tangible presence of God! On most occasions Karen has not even finished speaking before people run to the altar for an encounter with Jesus!

New Ventures:

Pat and Karen recently established Legacy Conferences (www.Legacyconferences.org). This is a conference dedicated to the young in ministry to help them establish a foundation for a life of ministry. They also recently co-founded the “Mercy Seat Evangelist” web site at www.mercyseatevangelists.com.  This site is dedicated to the launching of young evangelists across the world.

Karen led in the establishment of a powerful ladies ministry called “Girlfriends” located in Birmingham, Alabama. She was also a columnist sharing a weekly devotional that went out to thousands. Karen’s passion is to see young ladies and women understand the power of knowing the Father’s love. Through this passion she has established “Catching the Father’s Glance.” A unique and powerful retreat for girls and ladies held all over America.  She believes her greatest accomplishment is simply being a mom to Nate and Abby, and the love of Pat’s life.



Glen Berteau

Reared in a Catholic home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Glen played football in high school, received various honors and awards including: All District; All State; All Southern; and All American. After receiving a scholarship to Louisiana Tech University, where he started as a running back, Glen made All Conference; won two national championships; and was the most outstanding offensive back three out of four years. During his freshman year in college someone told him that he needed to be saved to go to Heaven. Glen responded, “Saved from what”? Glen accepted Jesus Christ on April 30, 1973, kneeling on the floor of his dormitory room.

As a youth pastor, he established Crossfire one of the largest youth ministries in the nation. He is the author of the youth manual, Strategies for Advancing Youth Ministries. Presently, Glen is Senior Pastor of The House in Modesto, California, a church of more than 8,000. This ministry in Central California has been explosive. All outreaches at The House Modesto total over 160,000 people won to the Lord. At The House Modesto, his dream of training ministers has become reality with an on-site branch of King’s University: A Bible College with majors in children, youth, music, missions, counseling and pastoral ministries. In 2009, The House Modesto was highlighted by Outreach Magazine as the second fastest growing church in America. Currently it is in the top 50 largest churches in America. As a gifted speaker, teacher, and evangelist, Glen has ministered at conferences, churches, camps, and conventions all over the world. Glen has two Master’s Degrees in Pastoral Ministry. Glen has also authored a book documenting The Modesto Revival, When God Shakes a City where 33,000 people were saved in 28 days.

Few are gifted with the ability to possess humor, a prophetic edge, and have powerfully anointed altar services with each message.


Jim Hennesy

Jim Hennesy

With 28 years of pastoral ministry, Jim leads Trinity Ministries as primary presenter of the preaching/ teaching ministry and primary steward of Trinity’s vision. He also serves the city of Cedar Hill as a coordinator of Transformation Cedar Hill, a coalition of business, education, government and churches committed to see God’s principles enacted into the fiber and relationships of the community. Jim came to Trinity Church in November 1994 from St. Petersburg, FL where he served for 9 1/2 years. He is a graduate of Central Bible College, Springfield MO. Jim and his wife Becky, have three children Ross, who is married to Angela, Ryan, and Katlyn.


Jeremy Donovan edited

Jeremy Donovan

Jeremy Donovan grew up as a pastor’s son in the Philadelphia area. His life was dramatically changed when at a young age he was sexually molested by a close friend of the family. This pattern continued from the time he was nine to age thirteen. Because of that violation, and unbeknownst to those closest to him, Jeremy was slowly being consumed with an intense inner anger.

By age of sixteen he had exited the church and all that it represented. He abandoned his calling and started on a slippery slope to rock bottom. He became a drug dealer and an addict plying his trade on the seamy streets of Philadelphia. The anger surfaced in a number of destructive behavior patterns. By the age of nineteen he was a teen father heading twards rock bottom.

At twenty-one Jeremy suffered a brain aneurysm that almost – and the doctors said should have – killed him. After barely recovering from this near-death experience, he went right back to his addiction. Right back to the rut.

It was in a rehab center that he encountered God and began the healing process. Jeremy Donovan has gone on to become the youth pastor of Destiny Life church, a multi-campus church in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. In 2008, he along with friend and ministry-partner, Matt Moore, founded “The SOZO Movement.” Sozo is a series of testimonies from everyday people sharing the love and power of Jesus Christ. http://jeremydonovan.me/sozo-move/

Jeremy is highly involved in Master’s Commission, USA, the Bible College/Discipleship program he attended after coming out of a rehab program. He has served as a guest host on “Praise The Lord, Tulsa” on the TBN Network.  Jeremy is most proud of his family. His wife Annie and their two amazing children Cadence and Cale.

patty and andy

Andy and Patty Valenzuela

Pastors Andy and Patty Valenzuela carry a heart for souls and a passion for God and the pursuit of His glory. The Elijah anointing over their life has enabled them to reach a fatherless, unloved, and lost generation. Pastor Patty preaches a radical, transforming, non-conforming, no-nonsense Word and follows it up with demonstration. The inner healing and deliverance anointing upon her mantle have brought forth countless testimonies of individuals who have been freed from drug addictions, fears, infirmities and much more.

Pastors Valenzuela lead a church with a vision to advance the Kingdom by winning souls-they affirm individuals, disciple them and send them out into their calling and destiny. Through consistent and persistent intercessory prayer, Pastor Patty has birthed a revival that is bringing in a harvest in El Paso, Texas.

Though the supernatural has become natural to Pastors Andy and Patty Valenzuela, they possess down to earth values- believing that building relationships with others is the foundation for a thriving church. Drawing from their own marriage experience of close to 20 years, Pastor Andy and Pastor Patty have brought restoration to many marriages. Their two lovely daughters, Andrea and Jacklyn, serve alongside their parents in the worship and dance ministries.


Tom Crandall

Tom Crandall is the Youth Pastor of Bethel Church, Redding CA. He and his wife Leslie have served in fulltime ministry for 11 years. They have two amazing children, Joel and Adelyn and a yellow lab named Bailey. Tom’s passion is to see a generation burn for God, be established in their identity as sons and daughters and empower them to demonstrate the Gospel with signs and wonders to a lost world.

Evon Horton3

Evon Horton

Evon has been the pastor of Brownsville assembly since September 2006. He commented, “The moment I stepped into the sanctuary at Brownsville I sensed the Spirit of the Lord in a powerful way.” He believes the move of the God at Brownsville is continuing. Not necessarily in the same manner, but in a way of speaking into the surrounding community, as well as the Pensacola Gulf/Bay area.

While the revival impacted millions from around the world, there is still a huge need in the poverty, drug ridden, high crime area known as Brownsville. He is leading a charge with area pastors to make an impact in this community. “Brownsville Assembly is literally an oasis in this community of significant need.”, says Pastor Horton. Dr. Horton was raised in a conservative Methodist pastor’s home. While pastoring in that same denomination he and Deborah came into a dramatic infilling of the Holy Spirit.

Upon leaving the Methodist church he pastored Mississauga Gospel Temple. The church grew to one of the largest in Canada with weekend attendance of over 2,000 in six services in four languages. The church’s growth was primarily through first-time conversions. Most recently he has served as President of Master’s College and Seminary in Toronto, Canada.

Evon has been married to Deborah for over thirty years. They have two daughters, two son-in-laws, two grandsons and one grandaughter. He is a transplanted Canadian with a Doctor of Ministry, Master’s of Divinity, and a Bachelor of Arts degree with over thirty years of ministry experience.


James Ruddy

James Ruddy has been Bethel’s Senior Pastor since 1994 and is known for his engaging teaching style that focuses on bringing the gospel to bear upon every part of life. Raised in a Roman Catholic family in Northeastern Pennsylvania, he believed the Gospel while serving in the US Coast Guard following many years of extensive drug and alcohol abuse.

Jim and Mari-Lee were married in July of 1980 and have been in pastoral ministry since 1982. They are passionate about fulfilling the Kingdom mandate, believing the Church is to be fervent in her relationship with Christ and faithful in bringing the Gospel to the world. This focus has led the Ruddys to travel and minister in several nations conducting pastor’s schools and crusades. Jim currently facilitates a development network for regional pastors, serves as part of the leadership team for LEGACY – A Global Kingdom Alliance, and on the Apostolic Oversight Committee for The Tabernacle, Orchard Park. Mari-Lee directs several areas within the church including Worship Ministries, Creative Arts, and Ladies Night Out. She also hosts a morning coffee for women twice a month.

The Ruddys have three adult sons who are also serving in ministry in Boston, MA, Scranton, PA, and Buffalo, NY.